Annual Exhibition, 2020

Photography under lockdown

Lockdown was a physical and emotional journey for many of us, and each person’s experience and reaction to it was unique. This year’s exhibition focuses on how club members used photography as a route to express their own perspectives and experiences of this time.

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Mustafa Suleman

For me photography is an important distraction from everyday life and work.  Being part of the Tottenham Photography Club provides me with an outlet to enjoy my hobby with like-minded people. When the government announced lockdown it was sad to see the interesting activities organised by our club being postponed or cancelled.

At the beginning of lockdown we were very restricted in what we could do, where and how long for so it was great to start experimenting with home projects, such as object photography, macro photography, time lapses and water splash shots.  As lockdown eased it was more feasible to venture further afield to resume my hobby, but the enjoyment has diminished slightly with all of the necessary social distancing restrictions in place.

Diane Dalli

Ann Robertson

Lockdown has had an effect on everybody. I’ve tried to keep positive and photography has helped enormously and is still doing so.  I count myself very lucky that I have friends who enjoy photography as much as I do and that we have so many open spaces within walking distance to take advantage of. 

Tim Rawe

Lockdown has gradually helped refocus my photography to people, a ‘subject’ I’d always found difficult to capture. Maybe because I was so limited in the small circle of family I am living with. Still greatly appreciating the encouragement and support of the club despite so rarely meeting face to face over these past months.

Stephen Furner

Surrounded by the past but living in present and dreaming of the future.

I’m lucky. I have a garden and live in a large house that has been in my family since my grandparents moved to Tottenham in the 1920’s. For them it was a move out of London into rural Middlesex. My mother, who was born in the house, used to talk of hay stacks and farmland from the top of the road stretching away into the distance. Lockdown only restricts one path it leaves open the doors to both the past and the future.

Julia Parnaby

I worked solidly through lockdown and didn’t have a lot of energy for photography. Since I didn’t stray far from home, I used my phone to snap things as I walked locally, taking advantage of Tottenham’s fantastic parks and green spaces. And though technically these pictures aren’t the best, the memories they evoke are unforgettable.

Uma Nawarathna

Julian Gnass

Joan Curtis

Stewart Dean

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  1. I admire all of you for your visions amd determination in these difficult times and may the Good Lord keep you all safe and well. I would welcome any messages or contacts at anytime, Mustafa can provide my email detauls. Take care, and regards from Eric Smith.

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