River Lea Walk, October 2019

Image of Three Mills

Bromley-by-Bow station is right by the roar of the A12, but within minutes we were by the tranquility of Three Mills Island, which dates back to Saxon times. The light wasn’t easy with mainly cloud cover with some brightness also coming through at times. After a slight false start (all those waterways look very similar!) we headed north on the River Lea, never realising we were running immediately parallel to the Blackwall Tunnel.

The route took us past a fascinating array of urban landscapes including dank bridges and flyovers, and then alongside fancy new apartment blocks and scores of canal boats, some with hoards of clutter and rubbish strapped to their roofs, others prettily decorated with flowers and furniture and others converted into street food stalls and cafes.

We decided to skirt past the Olympic park, as a number of the group have photographed there before, and headed up across Hackney Marshes, where you’ll find the largest concentration of football pitches in Europe. I’d never been before and it’s truly vast! We then segued into the nature reserve at Middlesex Filter Beds for a quick cuppa before tackling the final leg back to Tottenham.

This took us up past Springfield Park and Marina with yet more canal boats before we went our separate ways and headed home. A lovely day together that easily topped the six miles we’d initially planned. We were Mustafa, Julia, Joan, Ann, Stewart, Stephen, Diane and Tim. And we bumped into Dawid, Alex and Ray at points along the way. Check out some of their images on Facebook.

Julia P.

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