Studio Photography, January 2020

For must of us this was our first time shooting indoors with studio lighting, hence a great turnout. We were Julia, Dawid, Byron, Stewart, Joan, Mustafa, Diane, Ann, Paul, Gary, Julian, Stephen and Tim.

Our model was Rhia and she was unbelievably patient and professional with us while we worked out what we were doing!

We were pleased with the results we achieved using a relatively inexpensive set up, kindly loaned to us by Mustafa. This was made up of the following:

I shot with a Canon 50mm lens and was pleased with the results, being able to use a wide aperture of f1.8 throughout. I’d previously found having to physically move myself closer or further away from the subject quite annoying when using this prime lens, but it made much more sense in a studio setting, the only issue being navigating all the tripods in the room.

The lighting was a little harsh on some of my images so I needed to do a bit of editing in Lightroom. I’m a complete novice at this, and found that using the ‘auto’ option was too much of a blunt instrument. I seemed to get better results by reducing the whites quite a lot and then increasing the contrast slightly. I’ve got lots still to learn but it felt good to experiment a bit and start to see some of the benefits. Converting some images to black and white also gave me more pleasing results.